"I first attended a 6 week group training program that Dani hosted through DNA Fitness. She was very organized, professional, and supportive. The variety of activities made each day challenging and fun.

Dani and I also did a series of one-on-one training. During this time Dani gave me a work-out plan that I could do during my lunch break. The plan included a warm-up, light weight lifting, core training, and some suggestions on how to track progress. I saw results with in a few weeks!

Dani also volunteered her time to teach a class for the New Opportunity School for Women. She designed a resistance work-out that would help women of all fitness levels.” - Carrie G. 

“DNA Fitness Bootcamps and Personal Training are fun, challenging and I saw great results even after the first 2 weeks.  It pushed me to work out harder than I ever did on my own, I even surprised myself.  I would recommend this program to anyone at any fitness level if you want to see results and break away from the boring workout routines.”  - Lisa C. 2009

Dani was our personal trainer at Carolina Preserve for eight weeks. She took time to learn about our concerns and goals and created a workout that was challenging and helpful. After several months, we are still following her suggestions for daily exercises. Dani cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable in the area of personal training." - Dave and Ann R. 2011

“Exercise”, “Workout”, not words that were in my vocabulary until January. I knew that I needed to take better care of myself but I was too consumed by work and found it easy to make excuses why I couldn’t go. I found exercising “boring” so it was easy to find something more interesting to do. However, in January I finally got serious about taking better care of myself. I signed up with Dani to help me get on track with a good workout. I meet with her three times a week and she really makes my workouts meaningful. She changes up the routine, working on different areas of the body, which makes the workouts interesting. Her great personality and encouragement makes you want to do the best you can.

Since January I have lost 12 lbs., lowered my blood pressure, improved my balance and also reduced my stress level. I never thought that I would be saying that I actually look forward to going to the gym to workout. I have more work to do and I am ready to do it. Knowing that Dani is in my corner I know that I will accomplish my goals." -Joyce G. 2011

"A personal trainer should be someone who can get you to do more than you think is possible.  That simple phrase explains the way Dani Almeyda runs her business.  The energy she puts forth in helping me do more than I can (or more accurately want to) is why I have signed up to continue our relationship.  There are days when I want to be doing anything but exercise; but because I have an appointment in my calendar it happens.  The result of that is, at the end of the day, it is one of the best appointments I have had that day.  I have seen a transformation in my body and am pleased to say so have others.  If you are fortunate enough to work with Dani, you will be doing something that is good for you now and better for you later."

- O.J. 2011